The Spin Doctor - TSDr, LLC
Built Tank Tough!

Manufacturing tools for wood-turning since 2000.

The Clark Steady Rest and Clark Deep Hollowing System (patented- US) are in use across the United States including Hawaii! Turners in England, Germany, Italy, Japan and Australia are also using these tools. The Clark Sphere Turning Jig is our newest tool. We also have a computer controlled router attachment for woodturning lathes. In the near future we will introduce a computer controlled ice-skate sharpening machine, a rotary mower blade sharpener, and a Zamboni blade sharpener! We are here to help.

We are always available by cell phone -

Keith at (405) 823-1518
Alex at (405) 684-0660.

Nights and weekends are no problem. If you can't get through, it might be due to a low battery so please leave a message.

Our shipping address is:

300 NW 18th St
Oklahoma City, OK 73103

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Why ‘The Spin Doctor’? Keith Clark, MD, PhD is a full time, practicing ENT surgeon. Near the end of the last century, after finishing a PhD in Physiology and reaching full-professor with tenure at the OU College of Medicine, he began ‘spinning’ ideas of designing and making tools with ‘spinning’ metal lathes and milling machines to cut wood shapes ‘spinning’ on a lathe. Dr Clark moved to private practice and stepped up the ‘hobby gone astray’. No, there is no formal training in machining, engineering or even woodturning, but he does have 2 doctoral degrees. In addition, Dr Clark ‘spins’ at a local ice rink most early mornings as a figure skater and ice dancer. So ‘The Spin Doctor’ seems to make some sense…

The Clark Steady Rest and the Clark Deep Hollowing System were born in the basement and garage and a patent for the hollowing system obtained in 2006. In the meantime, the business grew from its garage birthplace to a 5000 sq ft leased building which is now filled with machine tools. All the processes except powdercoating to include design, machine programming, fabrication, machining, packaging and shipping have been done by Dr Clark until recently when help arrived in the forms of Alex Clark and JD.

Alex recently graduated from Oklahoma State University and is tasked with manufacturing, shop security, social media marketing, development of distributors, risk management, and client development.