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Clark Woodturning Videos

Videos below are sorted by product. We hope these videos will help you get the most of your Clark Woodturning Tool - hollowing, steady rest, sphere jig, and CNC router for lathes!

Video Topics

  • Product overviews
  • Setup instructions
  • Tips for use

More videos are coming... Also see Our pdf above for Instructions.


New Video Thickness Guide

This is an introductory video for our new Clark Video Thickness Guide for our hollowing system. It is designed to replace the laser system. Feedback is that it is much easier to use than a laser since you can have a representation of entire cutter shape.

New Segmented Hollowing Bar

This is the new design for out hollowing bar. Now the standard bar is 30" long to allow hollowing to the same 20-30 inch depth but has basically a handle 18" long to extend the bar to allow a portion to attach the laser onto. The laser can now be easily removed or replaced just by taking the extension on and off for a much more convenient deployment of laser or camera thickness guide device. The extension can also be used as a hollowing bar for external use or small hollowing projects. The extension can be used as a handle for general turning! The 30" hollowing bar can be used for smaller projects. You can order a 24" bar with 12" extension for a mini lathe with 12-14 inch swing.

Adjusting the Bearing on the Clark Deep Hollowing System

Bearing alignment in an important process for proper function of the Clark Deep Hollowing System. This has been done for you by us before shipping. It may be something you might have to do in the future so here is our technique.

Deep hollowing a large mesquite burl with the Clark Deep Hollowing System and Steady Rest

John Tisdale of Dallas Texas creates unique and large hollow forms from mesquite burls. This is a very challenging task. See him working on perhaps the largest mesquite burl ever hollowed. The 700 pound hunk of gnarly wood has required many special modifications in his shop.

See the basic Clark Hollowing System With Unique Features

See the basic Clark Hollowing System set up on a 24 inch swing lathe. Dr Clark explains the basic features that make this captured system function and introduces the angle of attach feature.

Catches become uneventful with the Clark Deep Hollowing System

When cutting too aggressively, it is possible to dig so far into the wood that the lathe either stops or the wood or tooling breaks. With this system, these catches are of little consequence but become infrequent as one learns to use the system. Because the turner has increased mechanical advantage over the hand method, it is easier to overpower the cutter. One must learn to apply the proper amount of force to cut properly.

Setting up the laser depth guide for the Clark Deep Hollowing System

Our laser depth and thickness guide system articulated and rotates to avoid the arms of a steady rest. Other systems are fixed at 12 o'clock and cannot be adjusted to get out of the way of steady rest arms.

Notice how the adjustment of the laser is constant even after much hollowing.

Although there is vibration of the laser holder during hollowing, the alignment is not affected. We have developed an additional stabilizing arm which will be available soon. Our thanks to John Williams of Tampa Florida, one of our new distributors for the idea!

Basic Clark Deep Hollowing System with laser and Fulcrum Support Tube

Here John Leggett is demonstrating the Clark Deep Hollowing System using the laser and Fulcrum Support Tube on a 20 inch swing lathe. This happened several years ago at a Virginia turning symposium.

Long Video of Clark Deep Hollowing System

See the use of our system for external hollowing. See how with a missing arm our large hunk of wood flies off the lathe at the first touch of the cutting tool demonstration the need for a steady rest! See the various advantages of this system in action.

Deeper Hollowing with the Clark Deep Hollowing System including the laser.

Going to 18 inches deep on our project. The basic system is capable of going to 20-24 inches and this experience would be even easier with the Fulcrum Support Tube shown in videos below.

The following 4 videos show the Fulcrum Support Tube

Very deep hollowing beyond 30 inches is possible with the Fulcrum Support Tube. It is named because it proves significant mechanical advantage to the turner and stabilizes the bar to create a smoother hollowing experience. Thanks to John Leggett!

Fulcrum Support Tube #2

More from John Leggett using the Fulcrum Support Tube for very deep hollowing.

Fulcrum Support Tube #3

More from John Leggett using the Fulcrum Support Tube for very deep hollowing.

Fulcrum Support Tube #4

More from John Leggett using the Fulcrum Support Tube for very deep hollowing.

Clark Steady Rest Videos

Learn more about our steady rests.

What can happen when an arm is missing or no steady rest is used...

Without a steady rest, one is likely to rip the project off of the lathe during hollowing. Here we forgot to put on one arm and see what happened. With a steady rest, a faceplate is not necessary, in fact, a drive spur could even work.

Clark Sphere Turning Jig Videos

Learn more about our sphere turning jigs.

A fun animation of the Clark Sphere Turning Jig

Created in Solidworks software.

Demonstration of the Clark Sphere Turning Jig in Action

Creation of a perfectly round and large sphere. Thanks to John Leggett!

Basic setup of the Clark Sphere Turning Jig

Understanding the assembly and use of our sphere jig.

Clark CNC Router Atttachment for woodturning lathes

This machine is another custom product. Please contact us for information.

Barley twist creation with the Clark CNC Router Attachment

With this attachment, rope twists, barley twists, engraving on a curve etc is possible on your woodturning lathe. We are showing a 3 hp router with stepper motors running the axes and a large servo motor turning the spindle.