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Clark Steady Rests - Form and Function

All steady rests are custom made to your specifications in terms of size, color, number of arms etc. LARGE 24" swing lathe rests use a rugged 31 inch diameter ring - 3/8 inch thick steel construction - powder coated for a durable and beautiful finish! 1.25 inch diameter radial arms are aluminum.The wheels vary in color. Steady rests can come with a 4th tube mounted at about the 1 o'clock position to allow the turner to place the upper arm off center so the arm is out of the way of the laser holder of a hollowing system. Of course, my hollowing system is designed with an articulating and adjustable laser holder to get around this problem. Radial arms move to adjust from 1/2 inch to 23 inch diameter spindles or bowls for final shaping, sanding or hollowing! 1/2 inch mounting plate with recessed attachment bolt. Option of flat plate or wrap aroud base plate (allows lower arm position).Let me know what lathe you have and I will create the proper configuration! Smaller lathes use smaller diameter ring structure as needed. I now have a new design for those having a need to stabilize large diameter, heavy (wet) pieces. It uses the Wrap-Around-Base and can have any number of arms. With a more narrow base, the lowest arms can be more underneath the project. The vertical struts have a threaded hole for a 5/8" bolt that can engage the body of the lathe for additional stabilization. Spacing of arms is up to you but evenly spaced is good for projects with voids and 4-6 arms underneath is better for heavy projects.