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Clark Steady Rests

A Steady Rest for Every Project

We know when you're woodworking you want to create perfectly smooth pieces every time. And here at The Spin Doctor, we offer durable, customized steady rests that can be built to your specific requests including color of powder coating, size, and the number and position of arms with wheels. Our device is very strong by the thickness of the metal and the design of the ring. The alignment of the steady rest to the lathe, arms and wheels is automatic, so the turner can feel confident that with little effort our steady rests will work properly to provide an even result with little vibration. Work quickly and aggressively with our superior steady rests!

Create perfection every time with a custom Clark Steady Rest!

Steady rest
rings are 3/8" thick (12-16 are 1/4" thick) and bent from a 3" x 1.5" angle iron with a diameter 6 inches larger than the swing of your lathe.
  1. This creates a very strong steady rest, the size allows the wheels to be retracted out of the way of the project.
  • Steady arms are 1.25" in diameter aluminum with a double flat milled section to register arms in the proper position. The arms are held in place by 2 set screws.
  • Clark Steady Rests are in operation all over the world!! since the year 2000. Painted to the color of your choice.

NOTE: As an example, A STEADY REST with a 20" swing and 3 arms would be $500

Clark Steady Rests are customized to your lathe and specific turning style.
  1. Select a Multi-Steady (contact me) that can be used on up to 3 different sized lathes.
  2. Select the size swing of your lathe
  3. Select the style base you would like.
  • Flat Base - Most 3-4 arm version steady rests would use a Flat Base. YOU MUST HAVE WRAP-AROUND BASE FOR OVER 4 ARMS ON ANY STEADY REST SIZE. Most small swing version steady rests would use a Flat Base. Note: Any size steady rest can be designed with the Wrap Around Base - see below.
  • Wrap Around Base - The Wrap-Around-Base is useful for those wanting OVER 4 ARMS. It allows the lower arms to be closer to the body of the lathe. Flat base can accommodate up to 4 arms only. Wrap Around Base also provides a pair of bolts in the vertical portion which meet up with the body of the lathe for even more stability. However you must put a spacer between the bold and the body to fill up the gap and protect the lathe pain from damage by the bolt.
  • # Arms - Select more arms if you want the smoothest operation especially when hollowing projects with voids or heavy projects. The standard 3 arm steady rest will handle everything quite well. However, more arms are always better. Of course more armscost more money. Because the wood becomes out of round very quickly during turning, the more wheels you have on the project, the smoother the experience will be. I had a turner try a 3 then an 8 wheel steady rest. He said it was like driving a broken down pickup when using 3 arms and like driving a 7-series BMW with 8 wheels!
  • Next - First please click on the photo below of the white steady rest to go to the next page to see more details as well as google reviews. When you are ready to order, then look through the list in the "CREATE your Clark Steady Rest" menu option. There you can then find the swing size of your lathe. For base style click on the photo. The succeding page will allow you to select color, arm position and # as well as # of arms and wheels.



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    Clark Steady Rest Basic
    Click on the photos to see some examples of Clark Steady Rests of different sizes and arm and base configurations.
    List Price: $380.00
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