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Clark Deep Hollowing


This Clark Deep Hollowing System is unique among the hollowing systems on the market! It is not a regurgitation of a D handle system or a gigantic floor mounted wieldy monster. It comes from years of refinement since 2000. What makes it unique you ask? The swivel pivot mechanism with bearing riding in a slot on the hollowing bar is key! Components are heavy duty with close tolerances to allow the wood-turner to slide and pivot the hollowing bar while maintaining a hold on the bar for reduced effort and improved safety over hand hollowing for sure! The Angle of Attack Adjustment feature is also useful and unique. It allows the craftsman to rotate the bearing holder to change the angle of the cutter without having to remove the bar to loosen the set screws holding the cutter in the end of the bar. Turners have said that this feature alone puts our system on a pedestal above all others out there!


Many accessories are available to upgrade out system - adaptable to use any cutters on the market. One can increase capability to hollow larger and larger projects as you get comfortable. With a Fulcrum Support Tube, the hollowing from 15-20" deep is greatly improved. With the Ultra Bar, you can hollow over 30 " deep. Grow your skills and comfort level while hollowing with this modular system! Used around the world. Check out the woodworking forums to see what they are saying about us. Durability, functionality, and unmatched customer support that can't be beat. We are available 24 hours 7 days a week to guide you through customization and to help you start making chips the Clark Woodturning Tools way!

The Clark Deep Hollowing System can be used on 16" swing through 25+" swing lathes. The Clark Mini Hollowing System is designed for 12-14" swing lathes. With the Fulcrum Support Tube, hollowing over 20" deep is greatly improved. We also make segmented hollowing bars and a very large bar - the " Ultrabar" for extremely deep hollowing beyond 30 inches! Our Video Thickness Guide is also an option and is superior to the basic laser thickness guidance system. Check out the "Hollowing PARTS" link from the dropdown on the upper navigation menu to see all the available cutters and holders - including a range of flat and cupped carbide round cutters. We make a holder for the ProForme guarded hook tool and make custom bent curved holders as well.

The companion Clark Steady Rest is designed to compliment the hollowing system.



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Clark Deep Hollowing

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