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The Spin Doctor

Live demonstrations at the Kansas City AAW 2017!!

  The Spin Doctor  - TSDr, LLC, is a custom tool manufacturer for wood-turning lathes.  We feature the Clark Steady Rest, the patented Clark Deep Hollowing System, as well as the the Clark Sphere Turning Jig.  We also make a CNC router attachment that connects to a woodturning lathe. All of our tooling systems are designed and manufactured by  Dr. Keith and Alex Clark.

  • Custom made to order
  • Multi System compatibility
  • 15 plus years of experience
  • Made in Oklahoma City USA
  • Father and Son business


Clark Deep Hollowing

   Clark Deep Hollowing System Don't be limited by other systems - paired with a Clark Steady Rest, the proper cutting tip, our guarded tool rest, and our Fulcrum Support Tube accessory, this system cannot be beaten!

  • Fits all lathes including minis

  • Hollow beyond 20’’

  • Easy to use

  • Total system compatibility

  • Superior quality

  • Made in the USA

Clark Steady Rest

   Clark Steady Rests - customized to fit your lathe with color, number/position of arms, and base style ready to fit your personal lathe.

  • Proven to stand test of time

  • Heavy duty

  • Fully customized

  • Made in the USA


Clark Sphere Turning Jig

   Clark Sphere Turning Jig uses 2 thrust bearings and has gross and find adjustments of diameter.     

  • Concave and convex shapes

  • Large diameter bowls and platters

  • largest Jig on the market

  • Made in the USA

  • Tight, smooth and strong

  • Create more than just spheres


Steady Rest, Clark Deep Hollowing System, Laser Thickness Guide, Fulcrum Support Tube in action

John Leggett demonstrates the full system in action with a 3 arm Clark Steady Rest on a 20" swing Powermatic lathe.

Six foot bar hollowing a gnarly, 33" mesquite burl using the Clark Deep Hollowing System, Fulcrum Support Tube and a Clark Steady Rest. 

Courtesy of John Tisdale in Dallas, Texas.

Deep Hollowing over 30"

Hollow on a Mini lathe

We now have a fantastic new version of the Clark Deep Hollowing System for MINI LATHES.  

  • Featuring a new segmented hollowing bar!

You can order a 24" bar with 12" extension for the mini lathe with a 12-14 inch swing.

  • Currently the standard bar is 30" long to allow hollowing at the same 20-30 inch depth. Our handle is 18" long to extend the bar and allow room for the laser attachment option.

Our laser attachment option can be easily removed or replaced, simply take the extension on and off. This allows for a much more convenient deployment of the laser or camera thickness guide device. The extension can also be used as a hollowing bar for external use or small hollowing projects as well as a handle for general turning!

  • The 30" hollowing bar is great for all of your smaller projects as well.

VB Lathe Owners take note-- Use our tools on VB Lathes!

TSDr, LLC - The Spin Doctor is proud to announce a new Clark Woodturning Tool!

We have developed an accessory to allow VB LATHE owners to use our Clark Deep Hollowing System and Clark Sphere Turning Jig! 

  • You can even use the hollowing system for external turning!

Please contact Keith or Alex for more information.

beautiful, well-built tools!

The Clark Steady Rest and the Clark Deep Hollowing System were born in the basement and garage and a patent for the hollowing system obtained in 2006. In the meantime, the business grew from its garage birthplace to a 5000 sq ft leased building which is now filled with machine tools. All the processes except powder-coating to include design, machine programming, fabrication, machining, packaging and shipping have been done by Dr Clark until recently when help arrived in the form of son Alex, whom you can meet at the bottom of this page.


Please share your experience at the bottom of a product page!

Gregg Schultz from Lynd, MN United States -  In over twenty years of turning hollow forms I have been able to try every system that is out there, and a bunch of homemade rig's of every setup possible.  I found Keith's setup online and after a bit of reading and thinking about his setup I knew I found the golden ticket.  Seriously, this is the best thing for hollowing on the market.  From small diameter to the largest and longest piece your lathe can hold, this thing works.  And beautifully.  If there is a better setup out there I would have to see it to believe it.  And even then, my unit is not for sale.  Awsome, doesn't fully explain Keith's setup!!  (Thanks, Gregg!)

The Clark Deep Hollowing System has taken my wood-turning to levels I never thought possible. I couldn't recommend it any more highly.

Chris Carskaddan from Great Falls, VA United States

The Clark system works very well. Today I finally set mine up and hollowed a small vase about 13 inches deep. Because of the laser and the super high quality steady rest this is the thinnest vase I have ever made.

Mike Stall from Sugar Land , TX United States

This is a super hollowing system. If you want the very best experience hollowing then this is the only system. Keith has engineered and produced a system that when used properly is nearly vibration free. When you plan on spending the day or week hollowing, you may as well enjoy it.

Jonathan Leggett from Chesterfield, VA United States

This video is meant to be viewed by those serious about experiencing the Clark Deep Hollowing System.

  • Any size lathe - from a desktop mini with 12" swing to any very large swing lathe.

  • See the system used externally!

1/8" chips with ease

Watch us novice turners easily pulling out 1/8" thick ribbons of wood from deep within the reaches of this log!

Angle of cutter nailed..

See how our 'Angle of Attack Adjustment Feature' that makes changing the angle of the cutting tip easy!

Steady rest can save the day...

The 'oh shit' moment happens when the large log flies off the lathe...

Meet Our Team

Keith Clark

Why ‘The Spin Doctor’? Keith Clark, MD, PhD is a full time, practicing ENT surgeon. Near the end of the 'last century', after finishing a PhD in Physiology and reaching full-professor with tenure at the OU College of Medicine, he began ‘spinning’ ideas of designing and making tools with ‘spinning’ metal lathes and milling machines to cut wood shapes ‘spinning’ on a lathe. Dr Clark moved to private practice and stepped up the ‘hobby gone astray’. No, there is no formal training in machining, engineering or even wood turning, but he does have 2 doctoral degrees.  In addition, Dr Clark ‘spins’ at a local ice rink most early mornings as a figure skater and ice dancer. So ‘The Spin Doctor’ seems to make some sense…. Yup, that is a photo from his younger days...

Alex Clark

Alex graduated from Oklahoma State University with a major in Entrepreneurship and Health Promotion and functions as the COO. Daily responsibilities include; shop security, social media marketing, development of distributors, risk management, and client development. I want to hear about your experience with our tools and company.

Atlanta Georgia

We had a very successful trip to the 2016 AAW Symposium! Melissa Jaggers, Alex Clark, and Keith Clark.

Melissa is a professional figure skater who performs on-board cruise ships traveling all over the world.  She worked in the shop for several months making parts on our CNC machines.  She  then came to Atlanta to help show off some of the tools she helped make!  Thanks Melissa and Alex too!