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Hollowing Bar - 30"

HBxb Hollowing Bar - 30"

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: HB30


30" hollowing bar 1.25" diameter with milled slot for bearing, 6" deep 3/4" hole in one end with set screws. The back of the bar has a 2" deep 3/4" hole with setscrews for an extension or an end handle. The extension is extra if not ordered when this bar is ordered as an addition to the standard system. If you order a Clark Deep Hollowing System with a segmented bar, then you will receive this bar with an extension. This product is meant to be an option to order a second bar.screw, carbide cutter, hollowing, clark deep hollowing system, deep hollowing system, hollowing system, woodworking, woodturning, wood turning, wood-turning, cutter

If you want a standard length bar that is segmented, then this is the length you will receive and will include an 18" extension.

The current version of the hollowing bars and extensions are drilled and fitted with setscrews to accept the extension or handle. Now any hollowing bar can accept an extension or end handle. Earlier versions were not drilled and fitted with the set screws so if an extension or handle is desired, the bar will have to be machined.


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