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Clark Steady Rest -24" Wrap Around Base
Clark Steady Rest -24" Wrap Around Base shown in the optional "8 arm heavy" arm position configuration.  Designed as a companion for the Clark Deep Hollowing System.  This one mounted on a lathe is red color.

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This photograph is an example of a 24" swing version Clark Steady Rest. You can customize yours to your desires here.  This one has 8 arms with 6 underneath for heavy projects.  It is the so called 8 arm heavy configuration.  This one comes with the optional Wrap Around base.  It uses a 30" diameter ring and fits 24" swing lathes.  Alignment and attachment plates are made to fit your brand lathe.  It comes in a variety of colors.  In order to select the steady rest you desire, you must select all the options beginning with color and proceeding through all the drop-down menus including gap size, Arm Positions, 12 o'clock Arm Position, and # of Arms.  Please be sure you have ordered the correct items by checking the item in your shopping cart.  VIEW the cart then look at the options ordered by clicking on the + sign next to VIEW LIST OF OPTIONS.
  • This steady can hold a project with a 23" diameter. The wheels can be retracted well out of the way of the project and the steady rest moved out of the way near the headstock. This eliminates the need to remove the steady from the lathe bed. The alignment plate keeps the steady at 90 degrees to the lathe bed. A 15/16 socket wrench is needed to tighten the attachment plate to secure the steady rest to the lathe bed.
  • The aluminum arms which hold the wheels are 1.25" diameter. A flat is milled on the arm which provides proper alignment of the wheel when the set screws are tightened on this flat. Wheels are roller blade type of about 3 inches in diameter.

Wheels and Bearings Alignment Plates Arms Attachment Plates
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Our Price: $15.00
Our Price: $30.00
Our Price: $15.00
Wheels and Bearings Alignment Plate Steady rest arms Attachment Plate

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