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Precisely Hollow Wood with Custom Woodturning Tools

We know you want to produce quality pieces when you're crafting and we have designed the ultimate tools to help you achieve perfection. Here at TSDr, LLC, we've invented The Clark Deep Hollowing System which goes deeper than the average
hollowing system which has trouble geting to a depth of 12".  We have made a superior wood turning accessory that can hollow over 20", giving you the creative freedom to design bigger pieces. Always track where your hollowing tip is at with our laser indicator to ensure your precision is on-point; never again will you veer off too far to one side or cut too deep. And enjoy the fact that each system is customized to the personal desires of the turner by our expert craftsman. Not only are you receiving a quality wood turning machine, you're receiving a custom tool.

Create hollow forms over 20" deep with the Clark Deep Hollowing System from  The OK Spin Doctor